There are only a few steps to building your dream home!

1 – Goals & Budget

Set your financial goals and create a budget. Find out how much you plan on spending for your home and make your wish list.

2 – Home Site & Design

Choose your home site & design. Setup an appointment with us to review your home site and start talking about your plan design.

3 – Decision

Secure your decision. Finalize your plans and make any changes that you might think are necessary. Once that is complete we obtain pricing information.

4 – Personalize

Personalize your home. Select the finishes for your home that best suit your style. You can utilize our Smart Choice Design Center to choose from the many types of cabinets, carpets, ceramics, fixtures, etc. for your new home. Our consultants are available to assist in this process.

5 – Finance

Now it is time to choose a financial institution to mortgage your home. All they need is plans, specs, and a contract.

6 – Construction

Once we have obtained all of the necessary permits, we are ready to begin building your custom home. With over 35 years of experience building custom homes, we are eager to demonstrate the integrity of our high quality workmanship. We will give you updates as your home progresses and we encourage you to call or stop in with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the building of your home.

7 – Complete

Your home is complete! After the final inspection, you are given your Certificate of Occupancy and you are ready to enjoy your custom home. Even though your home may be officially closed, our doors are not. You have become a permanent member of the Renaissance Family, and we will help in any way we can to keep you satisfied and your home beautiful.