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View this renovation:

Let?s be realistic and make the renovations of your home more exciting. Homes that are built do not last forever. There will definitely be wear and tear on your home over the years. Therefore, they will need some type of repairs or remodeling. Well, don?t put it off any longer. Making necessary changes to your home will only make your property value increase.

Think about it... maybe you want a new interior paint job, new flooring, or even a whole new room added to your home. Renovations by Renaissance can make it happen.

Renovations by Renaissance has completed additions and remodeling for over 1000 customers. We handle all the planning and drawings of the designs, acquisition of permits and approvals, and project management from beginning to end, so that you, as the client, don?t have to worry about any element of the renovation process. We offer prompt, courteous service from the first time you walk in our door.

Renovations by Renaissance provides a full warranty on our projects, as well as being licensed and insured. We believe in customer satisfaction and make it our top priority to keep all our customers happy and satisfied. If you would like to know more about our company, call us at 252-473-3316 or email us at michael@renconstructobx.com.

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